Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Feel So Bad


We went in for our scheduled appointment today to remove the casts. Crew didn't like the cast cutter. It's loud and vibrates a lot! Usually Crew loves loud noises so I think it was the vibration that really freaked him out.

Oh, but he was so happy when they came off. Last night he was miserable. I thought he picked up my sore throat. I was up with him at 3am and 4am and again at 6. However, by the looks of this
decubitus ulcer (pressure sore) its obvious that he was experiencing some serious pain. I feel bad and his PT feels horrible. So now I'm doing all I can to help it heal quickly which involves massaging the leg to get his blood flowing and keeping it from touching anything. Okay, it's his heel so I've been carrying him around all day. He hates laying on his tummy. I rolled up a giant towel and attached it to his calfs with masking tape (this keeps his heels from touching the bed) so he can sleep on his back tonight. I'll be keeping him home from preschool for the next week.

The good thing is that we had excellent results regarding "range of motion". We were able to get another 9 degrees. The PT wants to cast him again once this heals because he feels like we could get another 7 or 8 degrees. We will be taking extra precautions to cushion the heal next time.

My plans for Intensive Therapy have been pushed back 3 weeks so that he can heal and we can cast again. The pressure sores are scary. Please keep us in your prayers.

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