Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Conference Weekend

Carl and I had our first experience of attending General Conference live in the Conference Center. Our bishop offered tickets to the Saturday afternoon session and we jumped at the chance. What a thrill it was to be there in person, to sit uninteruppted and absorb not only the words spoken but the warm comforting feeling present. I have so much to say about the talks given but because my feelings are so real and personal I plan to take the advice of Elder Henry B. Eyering and record them privately.
I'm thankful for the reminder to spend more time with my children and to simplify my life. Its time for me to evaluate where time and resources are being spent and prioritize. I love my kids and it's amazing to me how fast they are growing up. I want to be involved in their lives and establish a better relationship with them before its too late.

I loved the quote by Elder Boyd K. Packer: "That just proves that you can't tell by looking at a frog how high it will jump". How true this is. We all have great potential... it's what we do with it that really matters:)

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