Friday, October 19, 2007

Serial Casts

You wouldn't believe the looks I get and the gasps I hear when I take this kid into public. I'm starting to feel self-conscious... do they think I beat him?

We've had two long nights. I'm hoping we get some sleep tonight. I've spent hours holding Crew in the recliner at night not knowing if he is really hurting or just slightly uncomfortable.

However, I spent the day with him at preschool yesterday and he was very vocal and charming. I feel very blessed that he is basically a really happy kid.

The serial casts are a treatment method for increasing movement and reducing tightness in the joints. The PT hopes to increase his range of motion by 10 - 15 degrees.

Having the casts has been more of a pain than I thought. He is so heavy now and if I stand him up on anything slippery (like the tile) his feet fly out from underneath him. Reminds me of Bambi walking on the ice. Crew has a new wardrobe this week. I couldn't get the 3T pants over the casts so I bought him some bigger jeans and sweat pants too.

Hey, he's not sleeping again... I guess I better set up my makeshift bed.
*rolling eyes*

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