Friday, September 28, 2007

Peer Pressure

Finding motivation for Crew has always been a chore. There is only so much icecream and yogurt to go around, darn it. In the house, Crew uses crawling as his primary form of mobility. I've had a hard time using the walker with him in the house because I have to stay with him. I get discouraged thinking it is pointless because I end up doing the bulk of the work. But walking is good. Walking builds strength and the more practice the better but this little three year old has a mind of his own. The past few months he has decided he doesn't want to use the walker and so I've had a hard time motivating him.

However, today I was watching my nephew and we had a couple extra kids here as well. Crew was throwing one of his fits and I was trying to talk to my sister. I grabbed the walker and put him in it and he took off. He wanted to be with the other kiddos.... I can't blame him, old people are boring;) Of course I had to follow him and he was so motivated. He was walking just to walk, you know what I mean... he really had nowhere in particular to go:) I realized just how motivating his peers are.

I guess I should set up some playdates. Uggh!

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