Monday, September 24, 2007


It's always sad to say goodbye to summer. It's not that I don't love fall or winter but the autumn weather is short lived and the winters way to loooong!

It's hard to believe the flowers still look so great considering everything nearly froze last night. Luckily, "nearly froze" isn't the same as FROZEN. Maybe we can enjoy these creations for another week or two.

Like I've said before the Shasta Daisy is a favorite of mine. The yellow flower is called coreopsis or "tickseed". I love it too because it spreads like crazy and the blooming season here ranges from June until first frost.

It's inevitable that the flowers will fade and die out in the near future and we will look to spring for another display of beautiful blooms. Luckily we have the long winter months to continue to watch our little Crew grow and develop. I know in my heart that we will see him progress. Each day is an improvement and we continue to see his personality develop, grow and BLOOM. Happy Autumn to you all and for those bloggy friends on the other side of the globe... think of us during your sunnier days:)

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