Friday, September 07, 2007

Freakin' Idiot

It's been over two months since I requested that Crew's Preschool therapists provide a summary of their therapy sessions with him over ESY (Extended School Year). His teacher asked me at Back To School Night if I still wanted it and I said, "Yes", she apologized that it was taking so long. I was okay with that. However, I did want the summaries eventually as I am keeping a log.

Today when Crew arrived home I checked his backpack and found the summaries from two of his three therapists.

Here is what the OT wrote: "The staff are excellent with positioning and stretches but we find that Tuesdays, Crew needed far more intervention than by the end of the three day period. I am not sure if this is indicative of family needing training in approach/frequency of home program. No family attended the sessions I had scheduled this summer."

What the hell is that!

Does she really think I am sitting at home eating Bon Bons!!!

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