Monday, September 03, 2007

10 Things I Like About Myself

I’ve hit my 200th post and I wanted to write something centered around myself because after all it is my blog:) I toyed around with 200 Things I Believe, or 200 More Things About Me but the task seemed much too daunting. I try to keep this blog positive and while I’ve been quite disappointed in myself lately I decided it was time to dig up some of the better parts of myself. Originally, I started listing the Top 20 Things I Like About Myself but it was harder than I thought... maybe on a better day. So, for today here are:


1. I feel grounded in my faith. There is great comfort in knowing I can trust in God’s will, trust in His way of doing things, trust that His timetable works for me.

2. Motherhood isn’t at all what I expected but even with all the ups and downs, I can honestly say that it is the most fulfilling and rewarding aspect of my life.

3. If any of you have read "Color Code" by Dr. Taylor Hartman you are familiar with the color code personality test. Testing as primarily a blue individual it’s true that once I’ve made a friend... they are my friend for life.

4. Family is a top priority. I love getting together as a family, not only with my husband and boys but extended family as well.... siblings, parents, and in-laws.

5. I love hard work, the feeling of a job well done and something accomplished.

6. Generally, I’m quite productive in the morning. I feel best about myself when I wake up early and jump right into the day.

7. I find running invigorating... the post-run actually:)

8. My feet.

9. I’ve always been scared-to-death of speaking in front of people but the last couple of years I’ve become a little more confident.... and I like that!

10. I have a sense of stick-to-it-ness or of not giving up easily. This has helped me a great deal along life’s path.... with college, serving in my church, relationships etc.

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