Thursday, September 13, 2007

Managing Spasticity

We saw Dr. Rehab again this week for our four-month Botox followup. It's been frustrating because I didn't see any improvements with the Botox but did see some weakness following the injections. I've been saying again and again that Crew had a growth spurt over the summer so maybe the Botox combined with a huge growth spurt kind of just evened things out. At the Rehab clinic Crew was measured and weighed and much to my surprise he grew 4 inches!!!

The Dr. said that his bones are growing faster than we can stretch the muscles which is why he has been so tight.

Remember the criticism I recieved about family intervention... Well, duh, maybe his therapist should consider physical issues instead of immediately pointing the finger at his family and assuming we don't do anything.

Dr. Rehab wanted to do the Botox again but then we got talking about a possible Baclofen pump. Monday we will find out how long the wait is to get into the CP Clinic to do a "Baclofen Pump Trial". If they aren't booked out too far, we will wait on the Botox until we know if he is a candidate for a Baclofen Pump. The Baclofen pump is surgically placed in the childs abdomen where the pump sends baclofen (the drug used to lessen spasticity) into the area around the spinal cord. If he isn't a candidate we will do another series of Botox with serial casting.

Today we got our van out of the shop after a two-week wait. I've been sick since paying the bill ($2000.00) YIPES!

On a good note: I got my hair cut and colored today!

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