Friday, January 19, 2007

Ears update

We had our followup with the Audiologist and the tympanogram showed even more pressure in both ears. We immediately buzzed Crew over to the ENT where he looked in his ears with the microscope. He said that the eardrum is retracted and there is a little bit of fluid in there but they are not infected.

I'm really concerned about the fluid/pressure but at least we know that there isn't an infection. We are going to followup in 9 days. I had him look at his tonsils too and he said that they are enlarged but not enough to worry about it.

Dr. Wood also looked at his teeth and confirmed that he is trying to cut 3 molars. This has been dragging on for months. Over all Crew has been very happy and his appetite is more voracious than ever. He is good about showing his approval after each bite by saying "Mmmmmm" with enthusiasm. Crew is a great example of one who enjoys the little things in life. On our way home we stopped at our college days favorite icecream shop and ordered a shake to share. Mmmmm!


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Glad everything is okay! You're such a good mommy! :)

  2. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Great update! You are a great mommy!

  3. yeah for ice cream, and ears that aren't infected!

  4. I hate teething! Good luck with that.


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