Sunday, January 07, 2007

Does it ever end?

We've gone through more boxes of tissues in the past month than we do the rest of the year. I feel like a nose-wipin' Queen. You know it's bad when your child sneezes and you run from the other room, dive for the tissues and lunge toward Crew in an attempt to save him from a mountain of goo!

Crew and H had five days of fever with colds. Finally, H went back to school and I thought Crew was getting better but he started acting worse. He was lethargic, no appetite and had constant nose bleeds. After a visit to the Pediatrician we concluded that he must have a Sinus Infection. We started him on antibiotics last Friday and he acted more himself today. However, I'm still force feeding him in an attempt to get his Seizure Meds down. It's pretty sad when your child won't even go for the Chocolate Chip Mint IceCream trick!


  1. So sorry you've got the sickies at your house. I hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. Chocolate mint ice cream was my favorite. He must have really been sick. It sounds like he is more like himself now.

  3. I am so sorry. This is why I HATE winter!!! You can't air the house out and get rid of germies!


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