Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dr. Rehab... Followup

Every 4 - 6 months I take Crew to see Dr. Rehab. She is an excellent Dr. , very knowledgeable and positive. Dr. Rehab was impressed with the improvement the Crew has made over the past 5 months.

Since we saw her last he has learned to crawl, can sit for longer periods and has started using his walker.

We talked about adjusting the levels of Baclofen to decrease some of his spasticity. Last visit, we talked about the possibility of Crew being a candidate for a Rhizotomy. This time when I brought it up she said that Crew might not even need the Rhizotomy. With the progress that he is making right now it is best to focus on his therapy and just wait and see. She didn't think his spasticity was severe enough to justify Botox either, yet.

Dr Rehab believes that if a child can sit by age 2, they will walk (with assistive devices) by age 5. She indicated that Crew fit within that timeline so I asked her if she considers Crew as a child that can sit... she said yes. Sitting is all relative anyway. You know, I often tell people that he can't sit because to me "he can't!" unless I situate his legs and prompt him to put his hands out to the side.... okay then he can sit... until he tips over. Ha Ha!

I love positive Dr's!


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Dr. Rehab sounds like a great dr. Glad things went well at he check up.

  2. Glad things went well for his check up. Sorry it has been a while since I stopped by. Have a great day.

  3. yeah for good doctors!

    Nikko and I are neighbors,and friends. I can see her house from my front yard and our husbands work together and we go to church together. Lucky mE!

  4. I love Dr. Rehab, and I am glad your visit went well.

    I am more depressed than ever about E. Why do you think some days are harder than others?

    She told me the same thing about sitting up. I am SO glad that you had such a good report.

    Still doing Shriners?

  5. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Sounds like a wonderful appointment! I love when dr's are able to give us a time line too. It always gives me hope and something to strive for! I am SO PROUD of Crew!!!!

  6. Very cool doctor! I hope things continue to look up! Go Crew!!

  7. This is good news!

  8. Yeah for a good check up! It's always nice to have good ones and not bad ones.


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