Thursday, January 11, 2007


I almost backed out of Crew's Audiology appointment tonight. I'm always running and I didn't want to have to drive the canyon again tonight but I've already cancelled twice and I need an updated hearing test for the upcoming IEP. So we went.

During the hearing test Crew wasn't responding to sounds in his right ear. He kept zoning out during the test which I think is more seizures. The results of the left ear were consistent with past exams but the results of the right were inconclusive.

The Audiologist tested the pressure in his ears with a nifty machine (I don't remember what he called it) and immediately discovered that he has pressure/fluid behind the eardrum. Crew has already been on Amoxicillan for 7 days for a Sinus Infection. He wants us to finish the dose and come back for another test. If there is still pressure he will send us to the ENT.

He is worried about the infection causing additional hearing loss. There is a possibility that Crew's hearing impairment could be progressive. I don't really think it is... but we'll see. That is a road I don't want to travel. But then again, who's choosing!

Does it sound a little crazy to wait another week to see the ENT? Is it really necessary to finish the antibiotic? I don't want this infection to drag on and on but maybe there isn't anything the Dr. can do if I'm in the middle of the Antibiotic.

Tomorrow we have Dr. Rehab again! I've really been looking forward to it but now that I know Crew is still miserable... I feel bad dragging him there. And it's too late to cancel. O' Bother.


  1. Anonymous9:10 PM don't know me, but I thought i'd say hullo anyway...

  2. I hate the thought of a child in pain... If there is infection in his ears, I know that can be so painful. You're such a good mom. Crew is so lucky to have you.

  3. Poor little guy. I'm with you, one week seems like too long to wait when his hearing is at stake. Being a mom is so full of unknowns. You want answers now. I'm sorry Crew.

  4. I would finish the least that is what I always hear you should do. Good luck with the doctors. It is really too bad we can't choose which road to go down...

  5. Agressive, Mel. With ears, I think it is ESSENTIAL.

    I have an ENT in Logan that I love, I hate the one Lloyd recommended.

    How was Such?

    Let me know!


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