Monday, March 26, 2007

Ears & Throat Junk

After multiple visits to the Audiologist and ENT we've decided that Crew needs tubes in his ears, a tonsillectomy, and an adenoidectomy (sp?). The audiologist will also do an ABR test during surgery to get an updated audiogram. His recent hearing test results have shown a dramatic decrease in his ability to hear. We are hoping its a temporary result of the negative pressure in his ears and not a permanent progressive hearing loss. My prayer is that the ABR results will show that everything is okay.

Crew's tonsils are huge. When I look in there I wonder how he can even swallow. He is mainly breathing through his mouth. He snores and is often tired.

H had his tonsils out when he was 2 and he recovered very quickly. Hopefully Crew will sail through this as well but with the additional tube surgery and other health issues we deal with I'm a bit nervous. I'm waiting for the hospital to call me back with a surgery date.

Update: Surgery is scheduled for April 6th. Good bye Spring Break:(


  1. I hope it goes well.

    Did ya love the class pictures? HA.

    Still will get that info for you. Sorry for being so slow.

    I'm starting to feel human again.

    I really do hope it goes well, E's ear surgery went very well, I was surprised. Who's doing it? Wood?

    (( Hugs ))

  2. Lisa,
    Oh yes, love the class pictures. (rolling eyes)

    Wood is doing it. He has done surgery for DH a couple of times and we like him. Is that who did E's surgery?

    Glad you are feeling better.

  3. I know that getting tubes in his ears made such a difference for my cousin's son.

  4. I was practically deaf until I got tubes in my ears- I was little too. Maybe 2? Poor baby. I hope everything goes great!

  5. Hang in there. We are thinking of you guys. Let us know when the surgery is. I can help out with the boys or anything else you need. I wish Crew didn't need surgery. :(

  6. hope it goes well! I am sure he'll feel sooo much better when you are done. E had tubes and it was wonderful!

  7. Good luck! Surgery is ALWAYS harder on me than on my son! I hope these things will help Crew be able to hear more! :)

  8. ((hugs)) I will be keeping Crew in my thoughts for sure. I hope everything goes well and he heals up in no time at all. Thinking of you!

  9. E had his done at PCMC. I like Wood though a ton.

    When is the date?

    Did you keep the school pictures?

    Are you letting him take home baby chicks?


    I am feeling better!

  10. I hope all goes well and that he'll be feeling better soon!

  11. nancy brown10:58 PM

    I hope you feel better. You can come down here any time.. Cause its alwasy spring break in AZ!!! I still love the blog... your the best..


  12. Wow! I have lurked around here before, I hope everything w/ Crew works out, I know it's tough. We've been through some stuff with Luke.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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