Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A new skill.... SCOOPING

Crew has entered a new phase where he insists on feeding himself. These spoons are awesome! I know what you must be thinking. When I first heard about these spoons from Crew's therapist I thought, "How could a spoon with holes be helpful?" Well, it really works. The holes kind of help the food stick to the spoon at least it does with some of the sticky foods like yogurt and oatmeal. Crew even spooned himself icecream last night. When I try to take the spoon from him to help him scoop the last bit out of the bowl, he fights me. He is such a big boy and feeding himself is a big deal. Kids with CP often have a hard time with wrist supination and pronation, which is basically difficulty with movement of the wrist and arms. This new skill is very exciting for all because it means we can all enjoy our meal a little better too! Okay, now chicken noodle soup is a different story:)

Boys will be boys and Crew hasn't quite grasped an appropriate means of communication for "ALL DONE". Anybody that knows Crew can picture him throwing everything from balls to food. I finally made a stop at "Babies R Us" and picked up some colorful bowls with suction cups. It's great! They stick to his tray and minimizes the time I spend on the floor wiping up. Yeah!


  1. I like the spoon and the bowls! WAY TO GO CREW!!! I admit I've been slacking a little lately with the whole spoon thing. For some reason poking with a fork is easier for Jack but scooping is still very difficult. I may have to make the same purchases as you! I can't wait to hear more!!!!

  2. So cool! Aren't these little things so wonderful?! The suction cup bowls are wonderful, because my 2 year old thinks when it is out of sight, he doesn't have to eat it....

  3. Go Crew!!! That is awesome. I just want the blogger world to know I've seen him use a spoon and eat by himself. There is just so many good things about this accomplishment, the independence, but my favorite is the look he has on his face. He has this look that says, "Look at me, I can do it by myself, I'm a big boy, and I'm proud of it." Way to go Crewer!!! Keep up the great work.

  4. YAY Crew!! That is awesome! (And so is that spoon and bowl set!.) That is so exciting!!

  5. Yeah Crew! What a big step.

  6. Mel- I don't have your new email address. Send me an email. aliamy@hotmail.com. hope all is well. You've got a great website going on here.


  7. That is awesome! Don't you love it when little blessings just fall into your lap?

  8. I think I'll get some!

    Oh, about my tomatoes. They got frozen when M didn't think we had to cover them over night. I didn't want to mention that in my blog. Keep him feeling better!

  9. We have those same spoons (which I fully did not understand so thanks for the explanation on them!) and same bowls. Can you please send Crew over to influence Ellie!?

    Go Crew! That is major!

  10. GREAT tip because my little guy is actually at that stage. I've seen those spoons and never bought them for the very reason you listed.

    Now, if only he could get it in his mouth and not allll over the floor....

  11. That is so cool....Yeah, I wondered about the holes in the bottom...
    AND I LOVE THE BOWLS!! I wish I had found those when Cam was in that toss-the-bowl-off-the-table phase!! SO COOL!!

  12. I love these spoons. Ethan has them too. I had never thought of bending them, the way I saw them done at school, that was darn clever.

    I am still looking for a way glue it into E's hand.


    I'd stand on my head and shout to the high heavens naked, if I could get Ethan to eat.

    I think this is so great. Way to go, Mister C. And, of course, Way to go x a million for Mom.

    Isn't what is so much work, SO worth it?


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