Monday, March 19, 2007

A Tree with HISTORY

I was blessed to grow up on the same soil that my Grandfather raised his children. The Willow Tree was planted by Grandpa himself which was the beginning of many stories to be told.

My father tells a childhood story of how his dad once used the willows to give him a "whippin" after he jumped on the back of the family pig. Lesson learned: "Pig Riding" is not acceptable. Being only six years old I assume that because it is one of those few childhood memories, the willow tree has always held a place in his heart. Ha Ha.

I remember climbing the tree with my childhood friend. Our escape from the world:)

The tree has been through it all. Years back it was struck by lightning but continued to stand. It's been rotting for years. One big branch fell to the ground and started growing again. This tree has proven to be indestructible

Dad has been concerned that the tree could fall on the horses that pasture there or one of the more adventurous grandchildren.

Last week he decided it was time for the tree to come down. On friday he tried to burn it down. It burned and burned but it didn't fall.

On Saturday, we found him with chainsaw in hand cutting that old tree from every side.
Dad had lots of moral support. We waited for the tree to fall. We waited and waited.

There was a slight breeze which was blowing in the wrong direction. It seemed to keep the tree upright even after it had been cut. Dad predicted
that as soon as the wind stops the tree would fall and he was right. The breeze stopped and we watched our willow tree come crashing to the ground.

I'm wondering now if the memories of saturday will be the last of The Willow Tree.

My boys and the nieces and nephews were there. I think Four Generations of memories with one tree is pretty cool.


  1. Yes, that is pretty cool! What a great story! I'm sure the stories will continue, whether the tree is upright or not!

  2. It is so nostalgic to look back at things that touch us like nothing else can.

    My friend had a willow that we would climb and I could never get down and always had to be rescued. They had ropes and a tree house in it and I loved that tree. It wasn't even mine!

    It's also like the giving tree. Now you can use it to rest on.

    May you create many new and wonderful memories.

  3. What a great story!

  4. Oh- what a neat memory/story/everything. I love the "whippins" story!!

  5. I think your right about the grandkids remembering. Now whenever E. sees a tree, she talks about Grandpa's tree falling to the ground.

  6. I like your "late night" party idea. Good thinking. I'm not a sleepover fan either.
    I enjoyed the willow tree stories. I'm sure it will be remembered by the grandkiddies.

  7. Isn't it funny how nostalgic we get about objects? You told the story very well.

  8. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Where is the photo of me with my big chain saw? LB.

  9. What a cool memory tree! :) You've documented the tree VERY well here...many memories NOT forgotten!

  10. Mel, I loved this entry. Beautiful.

  11. I read this with the intrigue that I had watching a documentary about an ancient tree. I love your writing style! That would be so neat to have that generational experience and growing up on the same soil. My grandpa was a farmer and lived on the farm until I was in about the fourth grade. I dream of marrying a farmer and buying the place back into the family. :) A girl can dream!


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