Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Whirlwind and Snow

I spent the day in a whirlwind... calling doctors, preparing for scouts, substituting in the preschool, finishing my Usborne book order, and preparing two Photography entries for Reflections contest.

The boys dug out their snowboards for a first of season day at the park. Its always amazing to me when I realize that they've grown out of their boots, snow bibs, and gloves. I don't think I'm ready for this winter stuff.

I want to spend the winter with Chel or TXmommy. Can I?


  1. Boys grow up so fast... every year it's NEW everything!!
    I always make it to my parents house every winter to go skiing. We skiied The Canyons last year and had a blast. But after a weekend I'm always ready to leave the snow.

    Come on over! :-) I must tell you it's only in the mid 60's this week, but will go back up to normal for this time of year (mid-70's) next week. It definitely is the perfect "winter home" for those who do not want to face the freezing temperatures.

  2. You are so good, we skipped reflections this year. What a bad mom I am?

    I wouldn't mind spending my Christmas with txmommy either.

  3. come on over, we have perfect winter weather!


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