Thursday, November 30, 2006

Help! White Elephant Gifts

We needed to come up with 6 different White Elephant gifts for different parties that we are invited to this year. I never really know what to take. Do you buy something our just give away something you already have? We have done it both ways but I am just wondering if any of you have any great ideas. Is there a white elephant gift than you have given or received that you have loved! I need all the ideas I can get. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous9:29 PM This website has a great idea! My husband is seriously thinking of giving it at his office party.

  2. The soap is disgusting! It would be hilarious though:)

  3. I have to tell you, my favorite white elephant is a toliet pluger with unwrapped baby ruths glued to the underside.


  4. I am with you Mel. What do you give? The nope it's soap could be done, if done by the right person. (I don't think I'm the right person.) We are excited about the family white Elephant game where rules have been given, a price limit and a subject. That really has helped me out. I still don't know what I'm giving, but Kenny has his already bought. Good Luck. Hey I did think of something for your party "something you wear" -- Nylons. Since most of your co-workers would be male, chances are you'd get to keep them and you can alwasy use a pair of nylons. Good luck. Kristen


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