Thursday, November 30, 2006

I wish I was a JELLYBEAN!

I chose not to take the boys with me to SEP's tonight. This is the first time that I have gone alone. I wanted to talk to H's teacher privately. I've had some concerns. First off, the teacher shared with me an experience that they had in the classroom.

Somebody has been stealing stuff. One of the little girls earned a Starburst and within minutes it came up missing. The teacher, Mrs. B, gets up in front of the class to talk about how stealing is wrong. She said she was trying really hard to be serious because of the situation. She talked to the kids and it was kind of tense. H, who sits front and center, raises his hand and says "I wish I was a Jellybean!"

She was laughing and I was laughing too! Where does he come up with this stuff? She said that she was happy that H is letting his personality show and that she thinks it was his attempt to lighten up a very tense situation. It's a good thing we all have our individual personalities!


  1. That's hilarious! I wish I was a jellybean too! :)

  2. I laughed out loud reading this. What a precious personality he has.
    P.S. that is sad that someone is stealing..

  3. ...ok.. so maybe it's the pregnant in me... but now I want to EAT jelly beans!!

  4. We sure can learn a lot from that little "H" personality. He is such a firecracker. Keep it up bud.

  5. Anonymous9:10 PM

    I read this and really giggled. What a cutie. I too am sorry someone is stealing -- I hope it does not continue. Thanks for making me smile!!


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