Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Novembers half over!

Wow! I can't believe this month is nearly half over. I have been so busy. I started that new job and it keeps me running. However, I am enjoying it more and more. I found a great in-home child care provider meaning she comes to MY house. So far she seems to be great.

Crew is crawling more. He is getting faster and is making messes here and there. I love it! Preschool is good for him. His meds are still not working 100% and side effects are that he is irritable and not sleeping. Aargh! Maybe tomorrow I can actually find time to call the neurologist. His seizures have decreased but are not eliminated. He has been waking around 1:30 or 2:00 am and staying mostly awake the rest of the day.

S has been having issues on the bus. The buses are overcrowded. I drive the boys to school but they have to ride it home because I'm either working in the afternoon or Crew is napping. They have "assigned" seats but 3 or 4 kids in a seat is a bit much. One of the boys has been punching and shoving. S came home with marks on his neck. I talked to the principal and the boys parents. The boy denied everything. The principal threatened to give him a white slip. Also, on the same day, a classmate stole part of S's lunch. This was very upsetting to S and he came home in tears. I think the two incidents happening on the same day was a bit much and S is very tenderhearted anyway.

H is having a hard time in school. I've asked his teacher to have him tested for dyslexia and ADD. The district has a policy where they have to track his work and progress for 12 weeks before they can even test him. 12 WEEKS! The school year will be half over by then. It is very frustrating.

Last night our trampoline blew away. Life doesn't get any better than this :)


  1. Oh, Mel! *HUGS* Sounds like a rough time! I would hug those boys of yours if I could! Sometimes being a kid is hard!

  2. Oh I hate bullies. Ugg. Melissa C, not too long ago had a blog entry about a problem she was having with her son. Or rather that her son was having and how as a parent she could deal with it.

    I think that is so hard.

    Did ya find your trampoline?

    Don't ya love the wind here?

    It's just lovely.


  3. What a terrible thing on the bus! And then to get your lunch stolen... poor kid. As a mother it tears us up inside when kids go through these things.
    On another note, that is great about Crew's pre-school. I can tell you excited about it.
    A trampoline? wow, that is some serious wind!

  4. Wow!!! Buses are just plain trouble. I remember some really awful things that happen on the bus when I rode it.
    Poor H. 12 weeks is a long time to have to wait to see if you can get some extra help. You would think they could look at past work and behaviors and at least start some kind of plan until they could for sure know what was going on. Frustrating!!!
    I am so proud of little Crew. He is amazing. I didn't realize what an awesome crawler he was until he was cruzin around my house the other day. He really is on the move - I am sure that helps your day a lot.
    Please tell S and H to hang in there- it does stink to be a kid sometimes, but they are amazing kids.

  5. I'm sorry. I hate days like that. We've had a lot of them lately. Things will get better, just keep telling yourself that!

    I can't believe Nov. is almost over. Life has been so busy, I haven't really even gotten into the holiday spirit. And this is my favorite time of year. What is my problem?

  6. our favorite bus driver just got a new job. I was so sad, we loved Mr Josh and so did the kids. THey felt safe with him. Sadly the bus is often a free for all.

    congrats on the new job!

  7. Why is it if Mom gets a little busier that your kids lives start getting twice as difficult?
    How fun for Crew being the little explorer. I hope he can stop having seizures soon. It is so cool that he has a cousin to join him this Christmas. I hope S can get past these bully times. Those are the worst. I remember them. H what a fun loving kid hopefully you can get to the bottom of what is going on with him and his learning. Big hugs and wish you luck working through everything.


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