Friday, November 03, 2006

Run before dinner

My favorite time to run is in the morning, but since DH leaves in the wee morning hours that isn't working for me. I was explaining my dilemma to my sil... how I need to get back at it but I don't know when because DH goes to bed before the children and he's gone in the morning and she said that her favorite time to run is about 5 pm just before dinner. Hmfph! I'd never thought about running right before dinner before.

Tonight, S man and I went running. We left at dusk and we had a nice run. I'm totally out of shape though but I wasn't about to quit. S is only 9 and he keeps a good pace. I have to keep up with him or he'll remind me how old I'm getting. It was a fairly short run but a good start. As we were running, S kept saying "I wish we did this more, it feels good"! I have to admit that it does feel good.... after the fact anyway.

Running with my son is so much fun. It's our thing that we do together and I am thankful that we have something in common. Oh, and running before dinner not only feels great but helps suppress the appetite. At least it does with me!


  1. That's awesome... Good for you AND your son.

  2. That is neat that you have something in common with your son, and that you spend the one on one time with him.

    Now, I am sure this is going to be a total shock to you, but runnign so ins't my thing.

    However, I am really toying with the idea.. of joining a fitness place in Logan, so that on Fridays, I can work out after class.

    This is the first time I have ever even considered it. So...

    Anyway.. I think it is neat, and I bet where you live is a wonderful place to run.

    I also think that excersize is great for the brain.

    I just think you're neat, Mel.

  3. Good idea. I've been facing the same dilemma. Late afternoon- after football and soccer- I actually have older kids home to watch the little ones... Thanks!

  4. I hope you like the run before dinner. It worked for me, maybe if I put my mind to it -- it could work for me again. I love that S. loves to run. He is "highly motivated" - I just love that kid.

  5. That is a great thing you take time out to do with S. He is such an awesome kid. It benefits you both and makes memories that he will never forget. You have the energy of running a family of six kids not three. I don't know how you keep up with it all.


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