Thursday, November 02, 2006

SAHM fog

Tis the season to break out of the "fog". Even though I truly treasure staying home with my kids, I feel like my brain is falling out. LOL. "Your brain will fall out" is what I tell my boys when they are playing gamecube. Well... I think it happens to moms too. Too many stinky diapers, too many late nights, and not enough expanding myself. Not enough keeping up with the ever changing techno world, not enough formal learning opportunities, and not enough thinking outside the box will turn your brain to mush.

I've started helping my brother with some bankruptcy cases at work. I'm also working as the bookkeeper at the golf course. I've started thinking again and it feels great. I'm trying to get my computer set up to work from home and I realized that I don't know anything about computers. Aaargh! I'm figuring things out a little at a time though and it is kind of exciting.

I've ordered high speed internet which should be going by tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I have my doubts about it. The company (Qwest) told me that DSL is available at my home but the neighbors don't think so. I even called Qwest back a second time and they confirmed that "yes" we really do have it here. I'm so hoping that they are right. The dial-up here only gets me a 28K speed and it is driving me nutso.

I'm not excited about the cold weather here. This is the time of year when me feet are cold from morning to night. I get lazy because I'm cold. My walking partner is expecting twins and unfortunately the doc recommended that she stop walking among other things. We haven't walked in two months. I'm starting to feel like a slug. I've got to start running again. My oldest, S, is a great running partner and we plan to run the "Snowman Shuffle" in December. Last year when we ran it was 17 degrees and I had the flu. The run was up hill and I wasn't prepared for that. This year I know what I am getting in to. I need to register. That will be the motivating factor, so the sooner I register the better. Toodles!


  1. Good luck with the work, the running and the cold.

  2. i wish i was a runner, but I hate it. Maybe I could run anyway, I always feel like I am going to die...that can't be good for you?!

  3. I think my brain fell out a long time ago...
    I'm getting high speed internet too. YAY!!


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