Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sandy Beaches and Lots of Sun

The boys and I spent Monday afternoon at a really cool private lake. The lake is manmade. It was designed and built for waterskiing. The lake is fed by a natural spring. Clean water comes in one end and goes out the other side so the water stays pretty clean. Not stinky like most of the lakes around here. The family who originally owned the land invited all families with special needs children in our area to a day at the lake. Wow! It was really neat. The water wasn’t really too cold and the beaches are sandy. They had a pavilion with BBQ grills and nice tables for eating lunch. S & H enjoyed a ride on the tube, jumping off the deck, sliding down the slide into the lake and soaking up lots of sun! Crew loved sitting on the beach and playing in the sand. He had a blast! However, he wasn’t very happy when it was time to go home:) I enjoyed getting to know some of the other families and watching the kids play. What a great way to relax and cool off in the hot hot July Sun!

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