Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Trails

The 3 boys are trying to prove to their dad that they can be happy in the car. We have a trip planned for San Diego in the fall. Carl doesn't want to go. He thinks the boys will be fighting the whole time. This past saturday, I took these pics to prove that we really can be happy while traveling at least for a minute or two:) We've never taken the family on a trip longer than 7 hours. However, we'll be doubling that here soon. Any tips, advice or ideas for entertaining 3 boys while traveling?


  1. I though that Celie wouldn't do well from Utah to Texas or from Texas to Illinois, but I was surprised at how well she did. Even when it was just me driving with her for two days straight! Tell Carl it can be done!

  2. Man, kids will do anything to get a trip out of their dad. :)

    A DVD player, I hear, is a good thing to have. Stop a lot and pack little gifts to give them every so often - things they can do in the car, or snacks.

    When all else fails, I bring along a tape of music my kids can't STAND and the minute things get hairy, I turn it on. They beg me to stop it, and then I tell them they better behave or it'll come back on again. Kind of funny, but usually effective.

  3. Lots of food?

    Seriously, they really look motivated to give it a go.


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