Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's Signing Time with Alex & Leah.....

Oh yeah! We were lucky enought to go see Signing Time live at the zoo. Okay, we are huge Signing Time fans. If you haven't seen it, I'm sorry. I didn't know about the famous DVD's until this past spring. Since I was introduced, we have fallen in love with Rachel, Alex, Leah & Hopkins. Rachel Coleman's daughter Leah is deaf. Alex is the cousin. Their family started learning sign when they found out Leah couldn't hear. Two years later, Rachel's daughter Lucy was born. Lucy has CP. Rachel teaches simple signs through music and it is awesome. My kids are all hooked especially Crew. Crew has a bilateral mild/moderate hearing loss. We are trying to teach him sign. He has learned to sign a few words. He loves watching the DVD's and I know his receptive language is higher than his expressive. So, we keep plugging away with the sign language in hopes that he will keep learning more signs. I think it is so neat that Rachel is helping so many people with her music and sign. She is a hero! The picture shows Rachel with Alex (orange shirt) and Leah (purple), my 3 boys, and cousin E(stanger anxiety) :) If you want to know more go to


  1. That is so neat. I hope the signing goes well with Crew. What a darling picture.

  2. we'll have to check out the videos. My little one, G, is 18 months and doesn't say anything, which I (but not her pediatrician) find odd. Maybe she would like to learn a couple of signs.

  3. I love, LOVE LOVE Signing Time. Now I am not so sure it has helped Ethan, but let me tell ya, my teenagers can now call each other every single animal in the wild kingdom and a lot of other insults by using sign language.


    We have the 12 DVD's and I wouldn't sell them for the world.

    Did you know that Rachel is on UT kids? Well she was, Val might have booted her off, but every once and a while, she will say something.

    I am so glad you got to go. I was in ucky ole Florida, stuck in classes. UCK

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