Thursday, July 20, 2006

Heartache and Peace

I have a dear friend and neighbor named Renay. I've only known her for about 10 months. We kind of connected because she has a daughter with special needs. I can't describe how it seems that moms of children with special needs feel a sisterhood of sorts. Even though each child is different and has different needs, challenges, strengths, it seems that "we" as moms feel a connection. Anyway, Renay's daughter Brinlie has been very ill. It's been one thing after another. Over the past 6 years she has had numerous operations and has been hospitalized many times. The last two months have been very hard as she has been fighting several infections. On monday, as I was leaving the lake, Renay called to tell me that Brinlie wasn't going to make it. She asked me to bring the little brother down to the Childrens Hospital to see Brinlie. I drove him down to the hospital, about an hour drive, to say his goodbyes. It was so sad. We stayed a short time and then I drove him back home. Brinlies mom and dad were able to hold her over the next 24 hours as she peacefully slipped away. I am sad for this family. They will miss their daughter and sister but I know that Brinlie is happy now as she has moved on from this life into a far better place. It is my prayer that this family will feel peace and comfort during this trying time.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear the sad news. She'll be at peace now, hopefully that will help a little.

  2. I am in tears. Please know everyone is in my prayers. ((hugs)).


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