Sunday, July 02, 2006

Building Patriotism

As a child, my school district asked the young people to write something (essay, poem, etc.) about "What America Means To Me". Being only 8 years old, I sat down and wrote me feelings of living in a free country. My understanding of this great freedom, at the time, was small. The purpose of this contest was to "build patriotism" in the young people and at the time really made me think about "What America Means to Me." With some coaching from my mom, this is what I wrote:

I love America

I love America because there are so many choices I can make. Here are some:
Because I get to choose if I want to go to Primary and what school I want to go to.
I get to choose who my best friend will be.
I get to choose what I want to be when I grow up.
But most of all I love America because it is a beautiful, free country.

Okay, it's pretty simple but for an eight year old.... it's a beginning. The beginning of patriotism which throughout the years has continued to grow. Luckily for me, I was selected as one of those who got to read their writings over the radio. I was happy.

Today, I am indeed grateful for all of these freedoms. For religion, family, friends, relationships and a beautiful country. I feel privileged to have the opportunity for education so I can learn and grow. There are so many freedoms that I can not mention them all. The feelings of patriotism abound in my heart. I feel it the strongest through music & testimony and I feel it when I see our great flag. What a blessing it is to live in America and I am grateful!


  1. What a darling poem. I sometimes reflect on what we enjoy because of our citizenship as Americans and I am humbled that this is my home. What a great country this is!

  2. Here here.

    I love it. Beautiful.

    I would have LOVED to have been on the radio. I dreamed about being a "radiologist" as a kiddo.

  3. Hey, you left a comment on my blog the other day and yes I was in the Freedom 1st ward. I'm racking my brain to remember you. We moved from there 5 years ago but I lived there for 10 years before that. Thanks for making the connection. I look forward to hearing from you again. You can email me at: annlbigelow at gmail dot com

  4. You are lucky to have feelings of patriotism.

    South Africa's turbulent history make people very ambivalent about it. It is sad that many people leave the country in search of a better life and never come back. Others miss their family and the wide open spaces and sunshine too much and do come back...

    But then, we've come such a long way. Relationships amongst the various races are better than ever. And it is a beautiful beautiful country with such a lot of potential. I'll post some photos over at my blog soon.

    Hope you enjoyed your Independence Day!


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