Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pizza Pie!

Carl & I had the privelege of spending a weekend alone ( no kids)! Yep, we did it! First time in over 9 years. We decided since it was our 10 year anniversary this month we would actually get away! Originally, we fantasized about Hawaii, Mexico, Florida..... but we quickly realized that wasn't a reality. Then the plan changed to somewhere closer and closer and closer. Well we ended up staying very close to home (about 1 hour away). We were gone one night (heaven).

However, this blog is not intended for the details of our getaway. This entry is another celebration for Crew. You see, Grandma was pumping him full of food for the duration of her stay. "He ate well", she said. Yogurt, cottage cheese, noodles. He was drinking from a cup... Wow! We arrived home just as Grans was putting a frozen cheese pizza in the oven. I cut it up and slapped an entire piece down on his tray. Amazingly enough he picked it up and started inhaling it (as you can see from the picture).

We are just so thrilled because with CP the muscles throughout his body are affected including his mouth. He continually makes progress one step at a time. We are amazed! Secondly, I've found something fattening that he loves. Maybe we can beef him up after all!

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  1. That cheese pizza looks disgusting, but he sure is cute.


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