Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Carl and S were invited to the lake with cousins Nick and William. The day started early, 5 AM. We woke S up and he was so excited! The temps were very cool so we had him dress in layers. They headed out for a much needed fishing trip. First, they stopped at Wally World (Walmart) to buy more fishing supplies and trail mix, beef jerky, candy, drinks.......... ya know, the good stuff. It's been years since Carl has been. The cousins have a nice boat and were kind enough to share. YEAH!

The fishing was mostly slow but the boys were able to bring home several fish. However, they lost a few due to a hole in the net. William was so funny when we were taking this picture. His dad was trying to get him to hold the fish but it was grossing him out. Finally we were able to get all three of them holding their fish. So fun!

Once the boys & men came home we got together for a BBQ. Memorial Day just isn't complete without a good ole BBQ. We also got to play PIT. We just love the M family. They are such great people - the salt of the earth. We are so blessed to have found these long lost relatives of ours!

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  1. Oh how fun. I love to go fishing. I think things like this are just neat, neat, neat.


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