Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cruisin' Crewser & the Reverse Walker

Last week I explained to Tressa (Crew’s PT) that he is getting lazy about using his walker. He prefers to just walk holding onto my hands above his head, which happens quite often since we are usually out in public without the walker. Tressa thought that Crew might be more interested in using the walker if he could see purpose in it. So, she encouraged us to take it with us to gymnastics and Aqua Therapy. Okay now, this is hard for me because it’s like shouting to the whole world, “Look at us, my child has a disability”. Once again, I have to buck it up and just do it. So I did!

The first time we went to gymnastics, I carried the walker into the building. Then I set it down and got him all situated. He just kind of stood there for a while. Then he started to walk, oh so slowly. We meandered into the class all the while receiving encouragement from other classmates moms and the gymnastics staff. He was so proud of himself. He even wore the ole DAFO’s and was beaming the whole time.

We put the walker away for class and practiced all the moves, forward roll, balance beam, the bar etc. After class, I put him back in the walker and we proceeded to walk back to the front doors.

Second Experience. Aqua Therapy. Not so fun. Just as we arrived a bunch of kids were getting out of the Kamp Kid class. We tried to plow our way through the crowd, meanwhile, dodging 100 questions “What happened to him?, What’s that for?, What’s wrong with his legs?, Is he learning to walk? Did he break his leg?”. I answered one little girl, “No, he just has a disability. The muscles in his legs don’t work as good as ours do”. *smile* To which she replied, “HIS LEGS DON’T WORK GOOD AT ALL!”

We made our way to the pool. Aqua therapy was fun. Crew is smiling the entire time. Tressa brought an old walker that we can use in the water. Crew practiced walking in the water and standing with his back against the side.

Since then, we’ve used the walker in public two more times. All four times at the same facility. Crew is learning that this is what we do when we are out and I think it is helping. The last time we went he had the boogie in the bum and was Crewsin’ all over the place. I just have to keep telling myself that when people stare (which is all the time) they are probably just thinking what an adorable little kid he is!


  1. Good for you!! Keep using that walker, it'll be soo good for him.

  2. I'm sure they are thinking he's adorable!!! He's a cute little guy, keep up the good work!

  3. YAY CREW!!!!! I would imagine people aren't used to seeing such tiny guys like Crew and Jack using walkers. And both boys are so cute that I am sure it's all people can do not to stare ;) Here are two ideas I have for getting Jack used to walking with his walker in public...the mall before the stores our town a lot of people walk around the mall for exercise and I thought it would be fun for Jack and less crowded than business hours. Also, our med center has loooong hallways with big glass windows looking out into the court yard between the lobby and the cafeteria. They are wide enough that people could go around us, but long enough to get some really good walking practice in! I can't wait to here more about Crew's walking adventures!!!!

  4. Way to go Crew, you and mommy keep up the hard work.


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