Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SLC 5K and Half Marathon

H didn't decide until the night before to run the 5K. Carl had already prepared mentally to run hard so we thought it wouldn't hurt to ask Grandma to run with H. If you know my mom it isn't a surprise to hear that she agreed to do this.

Since I was running the 1/2, I wasn't able to watch them run but Carl finished in time to snap a couple photos. Grandma said H ran the whole way. H's response, "Grandma walks as fast as I run". Nothing like honesty:)

We are so proud of H and Grandma. This is H's 2nd 5K and Grandma's 1st. We promised H he could walk if he wanted to but apparently his adrenalin kicked in. Maybe the cheering spectators got the best of him, I don't know but we are PROUD! I love it that he is a runner now!

Grandma claims her only training consisted of a recliner and a remote but truly she is a natural athlete.

This was a 2nd for me and a 1st for S. We stayed in the Marriott and got up early to catch the shuttle. We left the hotel at about 5AM and visited with some of the other runners as we were waiting for the shuttle. We met several really cool people. The bus dropped us off across from Primary Children's Hospital (been there a few times) and we walked down to the start line. We had a lot of time to kill. We ate our PB and honey sandwiches and banana. We watched the Bike Tour start and then the Early start Marathoners. Finally, it was our turn and the gun went off exactly at 7. There were thousands of runners and it took us 3 minutes before we even crossed the start line. The first few miles were very conjested and it likely slowed us down some. S and I had a really great time pretty much the whole way. We loved the bands, random choirs, and the cheering spectators! It was a dream come true to be doing something I love with my son. He didn't grumble once. I can't tell you how amazing I think that is!

By the time we got down to Liberty Park we were really starting to feel it. I re-fueled with Gu and S ate some Sports Jelly Beans and a bite of his Cliff bar. That seemed to help and the next couple miles were a blur. When we hit the hill on State street I was tired. I told S we were going to call dad at mile 12 and walk for just a few seconds but he said, "NO MOM". Uggh! The hill was tough and just before I crested the hill I dialed Carl's cell. It was all I could do to mutter, "Mile 12" and hang up. Hitting the top of the hill was a great feeling. We turned and we could see the Gateway. We didn't know where we were going once we got to the Gateway and were a little surprised to find out we had to wrap around the block one more time. The plan was to run through the Finish together but S had a little more umpff left in him than I did and he crossed 2 seconds in front of me.

Final time: 1:56:01 and 1:56:03. Five seconds shy of a PR but that's okay. S placed 1st in his age division! Now that's something that doesn't happen everyday. 1st PLACE! We are so happy and proud and believe-it-or-not S wants to run another one:) Yeah!

I'm sporting 3 large blisters and many sore muscles. S didn't get a blister or anything. Lucky guy!

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