Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seizures and an Injury

It's been crazy around here. On Saturday, Crew was playing soccer in his powerchair and somehow his lapbelt came undone. His foot caught on the wheel and as he is falling out of the chair he instinctively holds onto the joystick to keep from falling. So, as you can visualize he basically ran over himself. I worried all weekend that something was broken and he has a very large bruise (about 6 inches long) up his right leg. His foot is swollen. His PT suggested x-rays since he isn't able to verbalize and could have decreased feeling in his feet (due to the CP).

On my way home from therapy he started seizing. It confirmed my suspisions of other seizure activity on the way to therapy. Carl took us to the ER where they gave Crew an IV with valium, checked his blood levels, x-rayed his foot and leg (while sedated on valium) and sent him home. His valproic acid levels are in the upper therapeutic range which indicates something else may be going on. The neuro was contaced and we've increased his dose for now.

Today he was suppose to be at school but I decided to spend the day with him. I can't tell you how thankful I was to be with him when he needed me.

I'm tired.

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