Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 5K

Carl signed us up for a 5K on the base. We had no idea the Easter bunny was going to be there! Because we didn't have a babysitter I decided to sit it out this time and take care of Crew while Carl and S ran. I'm glad I went along... I don't think Crew was too impressed with the bunny though.
S was suppose to take it easy because we ran 11 miles the day before. He must have really pushed hard 'cuz the course was hilly and still he got a PR.
Carl also did really well. A year ago I would have never thought he would be a runner but he has really enjoyed it the past few months.
H stayed home with his grandparents. He really wanted to go to an egg hunt but with the 5k it just didn't happen. Bummer thing is they were having a huge egg hunt after the race.. we just didn't know.
I tried to get Crew interested in the hunt but it just didn't happen so we skipped out before it started.
The boys were really looking forward to the FREE t-shirt but I think they were a little disappointed to see a giant bunny on the front.
Do you think they will wear their shirts?

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