Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sore Calf Muscles

On Monday I had Carl drop me off up the canyon and I ran home. I wanted to see if my knees could handle the decline. The run was great as the wind was pushing me down the hill. The first 3 1/2 miles were downhill and then it was 1/2 mile up and leveled out for the last 2. Six and a half miles total.

The run was great! My calf muscles are really sore now but my knees are fine.

I compared the elevation changes (love my GPS) with the elevation for the TOU half-marathon. Interestingly, I started at the same elevation 5200ft that the Half-Marathon starts and dropped approximately the same (900 ft). The only thing is the elevation drop would be spread out over the first 11 miles of the Half-Marathon instead of 3.5 miles.

I missed my workout this morning. Carl and S are at a Scout camp and it wasn't until last night I realized I wouldn't be able to go running this morning. Bummer.

I'm still deciding if I should try running my first Half-Marathon which is in 3 weeks. I get nervous just thinking about it. This week I'm suppose to run 11 miles for the long run. Tomorrow is Crew's surgery.... I'm not sure when I'll be able to squeeze in the long run. It might not be until Saturday.

What do you think.... should I push it and go for the Half?

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