Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birthday Boy

H's 9th Birthday Bash was celebrated at the pool, the bowling alley, and his favorite KFC picnic lunch. The birthday was pretty low-key, spent with family.

My kids are growing up and the cute funny things they say are less frequent as they get older but we had a funny here last week. H received his first Webkinz for his birthday and spent the better part of a day playing the Webkinz computer games. Next day, S and H got on the computer and the Webkinz site said it was unavailable until 2AM Eastern time. S read the screen out loud to H and they abandoned the computer for the rest of the day. Later that night we were talking about his new toy and he burst into tears and said, "I ONLY GOT TO PLAY WITH MY WEBKINZ FOR ONE DAY". I explained that he could play it "tomorrow" and he replied, "No, the Webkinz site is down until EASTER!" Once we figured out that he misunderstood Eastern with Easter we all had a really good laugh.

We love you H!

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