Friday, December 28, 2007


My frustrations in getting an appointment with our favorite neurologist have been significant. I've been calling weekly since October 1st and daily since December 1st. I really don't mind waiting several months to get in... that is to be expected but they weren't even able to schedule us. Aargh! So... when they called last week with an opening for the day after Christmas, I jumped at the chance.

The appointment was a follow-up to discuss medications and such. It's been over a year... The meds are working great and his blood levels are within a comfortable range. While Crew's developmental progress is significantly delayed, he does continue to progress. His head size (he is finally wearing a 6 - 12 month hat) is clearly a reflection of the Microcephaly. I hate that term because it basically means small head, small brain. The brain/head continues to grow but it will never "catch up". Crew's head size isn't even on the charts... not even close.

All in all, the appointment went well and each boy came home with an adorable Christmas Moose:) I love the Childrens Hospital here.

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