Monday, December 10, 2007

Keeping in Touch

I'm not sure how or when it happened but the other day I realized how very rarely anyone calls me to simply talk about nothing in particular. You know, doesn't every woman need those friendships. Thankfully I do have my sisters who will patiently endure my prolonged ramblings. And I have my good neighbors that are always willing to lend an ear. Without a doubt I know that its likely my fault. I've never been good at instigating "girlfriend outings" or phoning regularly. Ironically, friendships are near the top of my list of priorities but not before God and Family.


I once thought that after my kids passed toddlerhood I would finally have some time to myself. WRONG. Now we have piano, sports, homework...

Now we have therapy, doctor visits, insurance claims...

Here is who I've talked to on the phone today:
1. Our Durable Medical Supplier to check on walker hip guides and remind him to pick up loaner wheelchair that is parked in garage thus making our two car garage into a one car garage.
2. Our Primary Insurance case worker to inquire about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
3. Our Secondary Insurance case worker to inquire about mileage reimbursement.
4. My SIL to plan Family Christmas Party
5. The Cub Scout Co-teacher to discuss weekly meeting.
6. My babysitter to coordinate some time where I can catch up at work.
7. My 5 year old niece who kindly answered the phone while her mom was taking a shower. LOL
8. Dear Husband about this and that:)
9. Pediatric Neurology- in an attempt to get an appointment. (this is a whole other post)
10. My sisters answering machine.- I'm thinking sister is busier than I am.... Yes, it's possible!

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