Monday, December 17, 2007

Social Imitation

We had our annual family circus last sunday. Getting a good Christmas shot is always interesting. I think the big boys were trying too hard and Crew is never looking in the right direction. In an effort to break things up and kinda shake it off, I suggested everybody "cough in their sleeves". I don't know why.... I guess its funny to me since Crew recently started imitating behavior. He started the cough in your sleeve thing after seeing his therapist do it. He also likes to pretend to scratch his nose.
Tonight before our pre-bedtime "shooting hoops" ritual, I could tell Crew wanted to play ball so I signed "ball" but didn't say anything (usually I combine sign and speech) and immediately Crew turned his head toward the toybox and reached for the ball. Okay, its simple proof that he totally "gets it"!
And "NO" we still don't have a Christmas card picture.

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