Thursday, September 10, 2009


I can't believe here we are starting another school year. Its kind of sad that they are growing up so fast and then again.... I'm just loving this time with them. Stockton is a 7th grader, Hunter in 5th, and Crew, my preschooler. Three boys, three different schools, two different school districts. Crew is bussed to another school district where they can better accommodate his needs. All three are gone by 7:30 in the morning and then I'm off to work my 4 hour shift.

Yesterday I met with Crew's teacher. She is new this year and it is her first year teaching but I'm so excited to have her. Crew has been happy so far. He is imitating many signs during class and at home. The kids in his class are interacting well with him... helping push his walker (not necessarily a good thing though;), bringing him toys, etc. Two years of preschool already but I really feel like this year is OUR YEAR! Please don't quote me on that:)

Stockton seems to be much happier this year at his school. He comes home with a heavy backpack everyday... daily math and science homework but he does the work efficiently and then he is off to play. We are looking for a new piano teacher for him this year.

Hunter and school don't necessarily get along. We are working on getting him on a better schedule. He just wants to sleep in... never did that in the summer though. They've been brushing up on their cursive writing this year and I have to say I'm impressed. His writing looks really nice.

The days are definitely getting shorter which is sad to see... but then again it does help that its dark when bedtime rolls around. I have my scheduled 20 miler for Saturday morning and a RS Lesson to prepare. I should probably get some shut eye.

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