Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Crew started another year of preschool yesterday. Even though he is old enough for kindergarten we decided to send him to the deaf preschool again. We are hoping this year will give him a better communication base before he starts kindergarten.

So far, I can already see the situation is so much better this year. Last year we had problems with fatigue. The day was too long. The school reported that studies have shown the preschool kids don't benefit from a full day. Really, I could have told them that! So, they have decreased the preschool day to only 4 hours. This is still longer than the 1/2 day kindergarten students. Another plus is that Crew will be the last one picked up and the first one dropped off so the transportation time has been reduced significantly. Last year he was the first one picked up and last dropped off. This year they are sending a van (instead of the bus) to pick him up. He rides with 3 other deaf children and they are all so sweet and adorable.

The ride home is just Crew and one other deaf preschooler. How nice!

It's been hard seeing the other neighbor kids his age get ready for kindergarten. They are so excited. They know their colors and letters and can write their names. What a huge contrast to just wanting child to be able to make a simple request like, "water please!".

Carl gave Crew a fathers blessing on Sunday night. We try to do that every year before school starts. Crew folded his arms the whole time and was just so happy. Afterwards we all gave him a hug and when it was my turn he squealed with excitement. I love the way the spirit touches him:)

Most of the time I don't quite know what Crew is thinking. We tried to tell him that he would be going off to school but until we walked outside with the backpack and his walker I don't think he had any idea. He was so excited while we were outside waiting so I do think that at least he knew something EXCITING was happening.

The teacher reports he had a good first day! He came home happy... and that is really something:)

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