Monday, June 16, 2008


Crew came along on our quest in finding the perfect tree to plant behind our water feature. He really seemed to enjoy walking around the local nursery.

I'd love to say he is making great progress with his walker but the last couple of weeks have been rough. He is really tight in his right hip which makes it difficult for him to stand tall and straight. Last Friday, I talked to his PT about it and he showed me some stretches to do on the ball. Since then, I've been working and stretching him at home with our new therapy ball. Yesterday he was able to sit on the ball with minimal support for 10 minutes.

Aside from walking...something very exciting happened with Crew this weekend! Crew is not a "roller" and we've been working for ages on getting him to roll from his back to his front and transition up to quadriped. Well... while we were playing our little therapy game to encourage rolling side-to-side he successfully completed his goal. It was so exciting to watch! I called in his brothers and dad and he did it a second time. We were all so excited for him...

I cannot express appropriately how HUGE this is. Imagine the difference this will make in his life. Also, it is just another step to other transitions in the future. He has been working so hard. I hope to get it on video soon so you can all see how hard he works to accomplish this simple transition.

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