Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Our little Red team wrapped up the season with just ONE win. I'll tell you it was tough to sit there and watch and in fact I've probably chewed off a nail or two. I'm not proud to say I approached the coach during the last game and let him know I felt his "strategy" is what lost us the game. We were ahead until the last inning and he muffed it up. However, I did feel a little bit better when he admitted to the team afterwards that it was his fault that they lost.

Throughout the season I contemplated taking pictures of the various teams and posting here on the blog to show how poorly the teams were matched up. Our boys were clearly the smaller of the bunch but I have to admit that they were UNITED and seemed to have fun for the most part. If anything, they learned to work hard, give it all they got and still hold their heads up.

Monday was the end of season Banquet (Potluck). Today I realized, I really don't care for the word "potluck"... it just sounds like a gamble or something. Maybe it should be "pot yuck". Oh, and we have another one on Friday. Oh wow, I'm getting off topic here:) They gave out the awards, "MVP, Most-Improved, and Sportsmanship". Then at the end they announced the boys that were chosen to play on the All-Stars team.

S was one of the lucky ones. I gave him the choice as to whether or not he wants to continue playing and I think he is going to go for it. He will be competing in a 3 day tournament in a couple weeks with baseball teams from some of the communities in our neck of the woods. I look forward to watching S play another game or two. We'll see:)

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