Friday, June 20, 2008

Therapy is Fun

Five years ago I didn't even know pediatric therapy existed. I guess it's just that I never had reason to think about stuff like that and now its part of our daily life. I have been so impressed with the pediatric therapists we have had along this journey. We had an awesome PT while Crew was in Early Intervention and she opened many doors for us and continues to do so. Now, we see Shaun for PT, Darrin for OT, and Trent for Speech. All three of these men are terrific therapists and are able to connect with my child. What a blessing that is!

S loves coming along to the therapy sessions. I'm grateful that my children are exposed to so many different occupations from therapists, doctors, equipment suppliers, drug reps, attorneys, engineers, not to mention the labor intensive hands-on mechanics as well. This lays a great foundation for them in deciding which career path to pursue. Today, I was talking to my brother, who is an attorney, about it and he said, "S, once you figure out what you want to be, get started early so you will still have time to change your mind...." LOL. How true is that! I decided at 20 years old to major in Business Finance and graduated a couple years later. Now, I am 35 and I am wondering what I was thinking at the time. I really didn't know myself well enough to make that decision. Now, if I was to start all over I would pursue a career path in a totally different field, most likely Health care.... but then again- who knows!

I just wanted to include a clip from our therapy session today. This ball swings from the ceiling (genius idea) and we've worked on this before but Crew is making great strides. The ball activity is working his "core" as well as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Hope you enjoy!

    • Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the blog and turn off the music before playing the video. I wouldn't want you to miss his little giggle.

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