Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When it Rains... it Pours!

Today it is raining.... both literally and figuratively.

Crew started getting congested over the weekend and by Sunday night he was miserable. Monday was a scheduled Audiology visit and we weren't able to get new earmolds made because his ears are infected. Tuesday, I made another trip to Logan to see the ENT. Yeah for antibiotics! Little Crew has been pretty lethargic and eating is a battle but today he's a tiny bit better than yesterday.

Today, we had our routine visit at the Childrens Hospital with Dr. Rehab. They took us back to our little room where we waited for an hour and a half. Crew was totally ticked at that point. He was screaming and biting his self. I went back up front and asked if they had forgotten us. The staff was waiting for the Dr. and offered everything (new toy, blanket, DVD player) to help us pass the time. Finally, the PA came in to get started and explained that Dr. Rehab was downstairs with the "inpatients". I thought it odd that she would spend so much time down there when she had patients upstairs waiting. Well.... we did finally see the Dr. and she apologized. Apparently, there was a child with a brain tumor that she was attending to. My heart goes out today to those who received such an awful diagnosis.... to the child and their family.

We scheduled Botox for July and another hip x-ray.

A couple months ago I signed my aunt on as a Respite worker for Crew. She has been great and the boys love her. Also, it has been fun getting to know her better. My Uncle Del, her husband, had Heart Surgery yesterday... a SIX BYPASS. I've never even heard of SIX before. I really hope he recovers well.

Oh, and Friday we have Ophthalmology.... Please let us be done with the eye drops already!

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