Saturday, May 24, 2008

An Open Saturday

This is the first Saturday that we haven't had Soccer or Swimming. Carl and I slept in which isn't always a good thing. More than six hours of sleep and I wake up feeling like I've been ran over by a truck.

Taking Crew to the games isn't his favorite thing in the world. He doesn't want to sit in one place and so we walk him up and down the sidelines throughout the game. A couple weeks ago I was walking him and someone nailed me in the back with a baseball. Hmff... I thought we were playing soccer.

H did quite well this season and had a lot of fun.

I just love how he takes it upon himself to pose for pictures while his teammates are out there playing. Funny kid.

S finished his swim class. I was impressed with his progress. Now I'm trying to decide when to squeeze in more lessons over the summer.

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