Sunday, May 11, 2008


Honestly, Mothers Day has never been a favorite of mine. I've noticed this year, from reading various blogs, that I am not alone. Typically, we mothers go to church where we hear well scripted talks on the "IDEAL mother" and are left feeling inadequate in one way or another. Last night when talking to my husband, I declared that maybe I would make it a tradition NOT to attend church on mothers day. We laughed about it because we both know that it would never happen.

Much to my surprise, our Sacrament Meeting talks were not focused on THE MOTHER and at the end of the meeting the Bishop got up and explained that he had been instructed to be careful in choosing speakers. In a round about way, I got the impression that he decided NO talks on mothers is better than leaving someone hurt in some way.

One of my favorite blogs, How Can I Keep From Singing, shares her thoughts on losing a child and how "this" day can sometimes only bring pain. Since moving here I've become good friends with three individuals. One who lost her 6-year old daughter, one who lost her mother, and one who's mother is in a mental hospital. I mourn for them... I really do. Yet, with all their pain I know that they do find great joy in their individual journeys as Mothers... as do I.

Being a mom has always been top on my dream list and my most satisfying and rewarding role in life. Motherhood is hard but equally fulfilling- for me. I loved BlackEyedSue's perspective on having children in the home so I stole her idea for today.

Children live here....


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