Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What we've been up too!

The past week or so has been busy but I haven't really accomplished much. Don't you hate that! Here is a quick review of the past week:

S & H have been taking swimming lessons. They are having fun and making progress. The teachers are really good.

Crew started preschool. Last week I met with his teachers, special ed coordinator and therapists to discuss ESY (extended school year).

Between S & H we've been to 4 baseball games and a couple of practices. The boys are really enjoying it and its fun to watch them improve. As a family we also went on base and took advantage of the free batting cages. I had never been to the batting cages and I loved it. Let me tell you... I got the best workout. I'd take batting over situps anyday:)

Carl and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary. He surprised me by coming home early from work. We were able to get away for a bit without kids which is always nice.

I held a combined Wolf/Bear/Webelos den meeting at my house. I taught the boys about bicycle safety and we played a game where the boys had to deliver papers to the neighbors in our cul-de-sac. It was really hard for them to ride the bike and throw papers (at a target). They got points for hitting the target and points for not stopping.

I spent all day Monday at Cub Scout Day Camp. It was a nice day and I got to take H along:) He got to shoot BB Guns and a Bow and Arrow, ride the zip line, climb the climbing wall, make bug boxes and lots of other fun activities.

We visited Grandpa on Fathers Day. Grandma took Crew and S for the night and all day Monday so I could attend camp. thanks mom! Why is it that Crew bites me but not Grandma? I was bummed that Crew did not even act like he missed me:( Maybe Grandma spoils him.... Hmmm is that possible? Grandma's never do that! *grin*

Well off I go to wait for the bus. Ahhhh, isn't preschool great?

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