Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Don't you just love this quote from Benjamin Franklin!
I come from an upbringing where "thrift" was greatly emphasized. My parents are savers and consequently my brothers are very careful with their money. They are great examples to me. Also, DH and I are quite conservative. For example, we bought his car four years ago for $1200 and it is still running. We hope to get another 4 years out of it. Ha ha!
However, despite attempts to be frugal it seems that there is never enough to go around. I often wonder where all our money is going and then I look at the bills and try to figure out if we can cut back here or there. I never dreamed that I would be seeing those in the medical profession on a weekly basis. Sometimes several visits a week. Follow-ups, therapy, surgery, medical equiptment... the list goes on and on. Crew is catching on quite quickly to the power chair. He is the hit of the neighborhood. The friends on the block love riding their bikes in front of him and letting him chase them in his wheelchair. The wheelchair is a loaner. I would love to get a customized chair. One that we could actually transport... and an accessible vehicle to boot!
Maybe, Shania Twain is right.... "We live in a greedy little world" :)

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