Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Yesterday's storm dumped a ton of heavy snow. After the storm passed it was sunny and calm. DH and I took little man Crew for a walk. We bundled him up, pumped up the "always" flat tires on our jogger and headed out. The blazing sun along with the brilliant white snow was more than his gorgeous eyes could handle. For most of the walk Crew sat back with his eyes closed and a smile on his face.

S loves the snow. His snowboarding days have been far and few between this year. We have a cool park close by where the neighborhood kids love to go sledding and boarding. The funny thing is the park is usually abandoned during hot summer months due to wasps.

DH is great about pushing the stroller up the numerous hills found in our neck of the woods:)


  1. Wow. Your weather is so different than ours right now. :o) A park to go snowboarding? How awesome!

  2. Great pictures!
    Sounds like such a great time. Nothing like a walk in the fresh air!

  3. Sounds like everyone had a nice time on the walk!!

  4. Oh so cute - the pictures and the description of Little Man Crew eyes shut but smiling. Ya just want to hug him! It's great that you got out in it.

    Your post made me smile after a hard day - thanks!

  5. Crew looks so cute! I am sure missing the snow when I look at these pics. I shouldn't complain though, it being in the sunny 70s with a slight breeze.

  6. I LOVE that first pic of Crew! It's so fun!
    Snow is not always fun, but it looks like you made it that way! :)

  7. You can just tell there is something so special about Crew. He has such a precious face. What a cutie. I love that first picture of him. Glad you guys were brave enough to walk out in the cold. We're holding out for the spring!!


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