Friday, February 02, 2007

My first IEP

In order to transition from Early Intervention services to the School District Special Education Program each "potential" student must have an IEP (Individualized Education Program). An IEP is basically the detailed plans including goals and services appropriate for that child. Today was the big day. I've been dreading it, yet looking forward to getting it in place and having it out of the way.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day finalizing my plans and educating myself in regards to the State Law and what Crew needs to receive through Special Education. I had an awesome team there in support of Crew, his therapists and my sister (best advocate ever). I was surprised that some things went smoothly and other areas turned ugly.

I'm too tired for details right now but to sum it up:
3 days a week in the AM (yeah!)
School bus transportation (yeah!)
Excellent Speech and Language services :)
Audiology services including an FM system in the classroom

And the ugly fight still to come:
PT Services
OT Services

The school district is fighting against providing those services seperate from one another by "Certified" PT and a certified OT.

We didn't give.
They didn't give.
It's not over!

After 2 1/2 hours we ended the IEP with a Diagnostic IEP to conclude in 30 days during which time I will be doing my homework.

I'm annoyed because it's not over! Uggh!


  1. I hope this comment comes through! I am sorry you have to battle it out for PT and OT as separate services. It blows my mind that this isn't already in place or that there weren't any other kiddos that needed this before Crew.

    I am glad the other part of the IEP went well!! I haven't heard of an FM system before, what is that?

    Hang in there and know you've got tons of hugs and support coming your way.


  2. PS -- YAY! My comment worked!

  3. Well at least you won some and are fighting for more. I am dreading the day we have to do one of those and Evan is not even that needy when it comes to services. I think that may be the problem, they might not thinks he needs PT.

  4. YEA

    I am doing freaking naked cartwheels. That is wonderful

    OH YEA.

    The PT and OT stuff sucks. WE too have a 30 day review for the SAME stuff.


  5. what days?

    OH and by the by, I really liked it when MY name was at the TOP of your list, after all, I am SO the coolist!


  6. Angela- An FM system lets the teacher talk into a microphone which transmits the sound of the teachers voice directly to a deaf or hard of hearing child's hearing aid.

    Lisa- The days are Tues, Thurs, Fri. Except he isn't starting until this Friday because he is currently sick. So I think that he will be with E two days a week which I'm totally excited about!

  7. IEP meetings are never fun! But once you get the services that you need it goes better! Keep fighting for those OTs and PTs!! GO MAMA!!


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