Saturday, February 17, 2007

Beautiful Day

The warm weather was great today! DH filled the fire pit and we burned some wood scraps and dead flowers. Hmpf... I'm a little slow cleaning out the flower beds this year. There's something about fire that seems to attract the neighborhood kiddos. They love running over to "help". Crew ran around outside in his walker and spent some time in his long lost swing. The day was beautiful! I think all of us were in need of a little sunshine. The kiddos were wearing shorts and t-shirts. What is that about!

DH and I thought we had tried all the restaurants available in our little community but realized we had never been to "Hunan Village". The place is a dive but I've been hearing good things about it so we went. The food was really good! Our babysitter fell through so we took Crew with us. He was so stinkin funny! He's really got the "PLEASE" sign down pat. I think the kid drank more soda than I did!

The past 4 -5 months have been rough as we have been trying to find the right seizure meds for Crew and the correct doses. Sadly, the meds really have "taken" a piece of his personality. We were able to get the Depakoate up to therapeutic levels. I haven't seen any myoclonic seizures in weeks and only 2 or 3 brief absense seizures. We weaned him off the Topamax early this week. I'm seeing our little Crew again! It has been so fun. He is laughing a lot more... a deep belly laugh. Even, Cathleen (our little nanny) has noticed.

Crew is going through another phase where he thinks pulling off his hearing aids and glasses is hilarious. I was concerned that the aids were bothering him. Maybe a possible ear infection. The pediatrician ruled that out... said his ears look normal. I will be seeing the audiologist again soon so hopefully we don't have any negative pressure in there. I'm thinking that he is just discovering the aids all over again. I'm hoping this phase doesn't last as long as the first time. I've alerted the bus aide and his preschool teachers to keep watch. Losing the hearing aids is the last thing I need:)


  1. Most restaurants that are dives are so delicious. Glad Crew is becoming himself again. I hope he continues to progress.

  2. I love after freezing for so long to have a nice warm almost summer like day!! makes it worth going through the cold bleak weather :)

  3. Very cool... it's fun to discover a yummy new restaurant.
    That sounds great about Crew! Running around and laughing... I am sure that does your heart some good!

  4. You know me. I too LOVED the warmer weather. I agree we all needed a little pick me up, and Sat. was the day. :) I'm glad Crew is showing more signs of himself. He is so sweet. I had fun playing with him tonigh. (Not to mention how super-de-duper cute that S. and H. are!!!)

  5. You had never been to Hunan? OH my, Melissa C and I eat there occassionally for lunch. Oh yum.

    I love, and I mean LOVE Ricardo's too. It is so yum, but different from most mexican places, you kind of have to like it...

    Those, plus Old Grist Mill, are my three favorite places in town. Though Idle Isle isn't that bad either.

    Oh I like to eat out. Can ya tell!>

    Crew is a darn cutie. I think he is so cute.


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